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Oakley Eyewear!

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL
$150.00 - $206.00
Oakley engineering takes performance to the next level and brings style alo...
We have a wide selection of Oakley cycling eyewear!

Fabian Cancellara in his Oakley Radars and the Tour's Yellow Jersey!Slipping on a set of Oakley glasses is like wearing history. The Tour de France, World Championships, Olympic Gold Medals, and countless other victories have all been won behind Oakley lenses. And, Oakley's list of sponsored riders has spread the gamut from the indomitable Lance Armstrong, to multiple Tour winner Greg LeMond, to off-road legend Brian Lopes, and many more. Why do they all choose Oakley? Because of Oakley's superior fit, comfort, function and long, storied tradition of optical excellence.

Oakley's first product: motorcycle grips!The legend began in 1975 with only $300 and Jim Jannard's clever idea for a motorcycle grip made of a magic material that actually becomes tackier as you perspire. A resounding success, the profits from grip sales enabled Jannard to take on the world of sports-specific eyewear. By adhering to his creed that "everything in the world can and will be made better" and a relentless desire to innovate, Jannard turned his $300 start-up into a worldwide optics empire.

The Eyeshades were one of Oakley's first pairs of cycling glasses!Oakley quickly started unveiling innovative models like the Eyeshades and M Frames, building a reputation as an industry leader, and soon top cyclists like Greg LeMond were approaching the company to wear their glasses. As designs evolved, Oakley turned into a global icon that now offers products to consumers in more than 100 countries. Jannard’s brand became the mark of excellence and the choice for those refusing to accept compromise.

Oakley glasses are perfect for every occasion!Today Oakley offers a wide range of athletic and casual eyewear. Whether you're looking for full-coverage sport glasses, prescription-ready frames or the latest in street fashion, we have a pair of Oakleys for you. So if you want to see great and look good out on the road, the trail or just walking around town, swing by soon and check out our tempting selection of Oakley glasses!

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